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Recoleta and Barrio Norte, a mixture of Europe in Latin America


One of the most beautiful and comfortable places to stay in Buenos Aires is Recoleta. It’s one of the most upscale neighborhoods in town with lots of cultural activity. Whether you live here for years or you stay here for just a couple of days, you will immediately feel comfortable with the area and the people living and working here.

The neighborhood of Recoleta is characterized by a lot of French and Italian style buildings, charming streets and nice green avenues, and it has lovely squares and parks. When the yellow fever hit the central and southern districts around the year 1870, most of the wealthy people moved to places north of the center and thus was created the so-called Barrio Norte and also Recoleta with its world-famous cemetery.

Through its architecture and cultural charm, the neighborhoods of Recoleta and Barrio Norte make it easy for the visitor to recognize the European inspiration and origin of many of the Argentines. These areas offer lots of restaurants and bars and are well connected to the rest of the city. Although it’s not the official centre of the city, for many people it is the most important part of town.

At our site you will find some of the best apartments in the neighborhood of Recoleta and Barrio Norte. The area of Recoleta and Barrio Norte is one of the safest and most residential areas and it’s not only close to the center, but also close to the big parks and trendy areas of Palermo, which makes it the best area to stay for lots of people.

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