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Congreso and Abasto


Another historical part of town is Congreso. This is the area around the National Congress building which is situated opposite of the Casa Rosada. The long and wide Avenida de Mayo connects the congress building with the Casa Rosada. Due to the high amount of historical buildings the neighborhood maintained its original character. One of the best examples is the Palacio Varalo, designed by Italian architect Mario Palanti.

Next to Congreso and bordering Barrio Norte is situated another historical zone, it’s the Neighborhood of Abasto. In 1931 el Mercado de abasto was established here and opened in 1934 to serve as the city’s most important food trading place. Today the former art deco market building contains one of the biggest shopping malls of Buenos Aires. Another icon of this neighborhood is the former home of Argentina’s “king of tango”.

Carlos Gardel, which in the year of 2003 was converted into a museum as a tribute to this famous artist.

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