Consulting Services

for property in Buenos Aires


Quality Homes Buenos Aires offers consulting services for those interested in purchasing or selling property in Buenos Aires or other parts of Argentina. Based on our local network, background and knowledge of the market, we are the perfect multilingual helping hand for your search for your ideal Buenos Aires property.

Searching for and finding a property can be really time consuming and even frustrating in some cases. Let us help you save time and energy and search together with you for the place you are looking for. During the process, if necessary, we will work with English speaking local lawyers, accountants and money exchange houses.

Although it is true that there are a lot of traps and scams to avoid, in every case we will inform you and discuss with you the steps to take in order to prevent you hiring too many “necessary” and expensive advisors. Whether you need assistance while going through the buying process or just need some help, advice or feedback on your search, please feel free to contact us at